We are six autonomous yet interconnected entities each playing a vital role to fulfil our long term vision to build sustainable civilizations where wildlife and community thrive together


World Wildlife Conservancies is our keystone entity


World Wildlife Conservancies

Our land custodian and management company dedicated  to reducing or ending safari trophy hunting, poaching, and trafficking of wildlife by 2050 in and around 20 key national parks in Africa by transforming degraded lands into wildlife sanctuary.  

Private Residences
Development Company

The developer of three unique branded impact investment private residence clubs empowered by nature. WildEarth seeks to help preserve pristine wild properties around the world focused on adventure, wellness, wildlife and luxury world travel. 

Kilimanjaro Club

Wild Vines

Wild Adventures

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WildEarth Safari Lodging

An innovative bespoke safari tourism company dedicated to reinventing the safari experience. Using design thinking principles, all lodging is built to maximise wildlife encounters with a zero carbon footprint.

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An animal welfare charity dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating trafficked, endangered, and at-risk wildlife in Africa and worldwide through direct rescue operations from its wildlife rescue hospital, with a focus on rhino and big cats.

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EarthChildren is a US charity with a core humanitarian focus.  The charity has two arms: humanitarian aid and community development. EarthChildren  delivers humanitarian aid to persons of refugee backgrounds resident in camps or settlements with a focus on women and children. We also work to reduce the impacts of refugee camps on surrounding natural environments through the delivery of solar lights, clean cooking stoves and biobricks.


EarthChildren is dedicated to community development through the delivery of conservation education, job creation, micro enterprise and sustainable living programs with a focus on alleviating poverty in developing nations and uplifting women. 


World Wildlife Foundation

World Wildlife Foundation is a U.S charity dedicated to protecting and conserving representative populations of wildlife species, with a focus on keystone species, across critical global landscapes.  World Wildlife Foundation works with a myriad of international, national and local partners to achieve this global vision. 

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World Wildlife Conservancies