Impact investment that tantalises the tastebuds and generates high ROI 

The worlds first bankable scalable impact investment in wildlife conservation 


World Wildlife Conservancies presents Lions Pride

the world’s first bankable, scalable impact investment in wildlife conservation. 


Just look around you, we cannot deny that we are in the midst of rapid change. All our lives have been impacted. In Africa, threats to wildlife - trophy hunting, poaching, trafficking – have become even more pervasive during COVID.


The threat of extinction to many iconic African animals – lions, rhino, elephant, cheetah - is real and evident. We seek to reduce or end safari trophy hunting, poaching and trafficking by 2050 in and around 20 key national parks in Africa. We  achieve this bold vision by acquiring distressed trophy hunting properties, National Parks and degraded lands and transforming them into wildlife arks or sanctuaries. Through each property acquisition we will be immediately saving thousands of animals from the hands of hunters and poachers.


Our vision is realised through a multi-tiered monetizing strategy

A real-estate underpin, acquiring high value land at distressed prices

The world’s first impact-investor luxury safari residence club

Converting existing luxury lodges into safari tourism properties for visitors with cameras instead of visitors with guns

Our strong collective group charities dedicated to wildlife rescue operations and community development

We are seeking mentors, sponsors, and impact investors from the investing world to fund projects that are dedicated to saving Africa's wildlife and creating an environment where they can thrive for the next 100 years and beyond.

Please contact us if you would like to work with us and support this vital mission.

World Wildlife Conservancies