A team of driven wildlife scientists, ESG & sustainability experts, property development and wildlife tourism specialists, and investment banking veterans who share an equal passion in saving our planets endangered wildlife and wild spaces

Group Chair &
Chief Executive Officer

Rochelle A. James

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Rochelle James is Group Chair and Founder of World Wildlife Conservancies. She holds degrees in Business Management (Finance), Science (Zoology) and a Master of Conservation Biology from The University of Queensland, Australia. Rochelle has worked for 20+ years in both management and field work roles in Africa, Oceania, and Asia. In the field of wildlife science and conservation impacts, Rochelle has worked with Great Apes, large African mammals, and marsupials.  In the field of social impacts and communities, Rochelle’s speciality is in impoverished community development, refugee settlement and community-based conservation programs. Her legal studies include a diploma of laws, and she was the visionary founder of the world’s first Climate Change Law Degree at Bond University Law School in Australia.  She solidified her climate, carbon and avoided deforestation work in a science and policy setting role with the Australia government in Carbon Policy.  On the ground, Rochelle developed pilot projects in carbon credits in Australia and Borneo.  Rochelle specializes in wildlife conservation, community empowerment and grass roots program development, charitable organization/nonprofit development, management and operations, stakeholder liaison, cross cultural engagement, business and finance.

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Property Procurement &Infrastructure Specialist

Vic Wilkens


Vic’s 40+ year career has largely been wildlife safari game-viewing lodge development, infrastructure development, construction, ownership and management.  He was raised in the bush or wilds of South Africa in the Timbavati Nature Reserve inside the Greater Kruger National Park and helped develop and construct 3 safari lodges and 10 private residences which have been profitable and sustainable for over 20 years.  Vic has travelled extensively throughout Africa to work on community wildlife conservation and safari tourism projects with a goal to help empower the local communities with jobs and education while generating a sustainable, long-term profit.

Wildlife & Community Lands Specialist

Godfrey Oyema


Godfrey received a B.S. in Wildlife Science and Conservation from the University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania in 2008 and M.S. in Biology (Environment & Human Ecology) from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel in Belgium in 2013. Presently, Godfrey works as an Environment Officer for the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) in Tanzania. Godfrey leads the Environment and Energy department by ensuring Agency’s humanitarian operations compliance with local and international environment and sustainability standards.  Godfrey oversees Agency’s implementing partners in projects including environment conservation, renewable energy in refugee and host communities, reforestation, and host communities’ livelihood programs. Previously, Godfrey worked with Unilever Tea Tanzania as an Environment Compliance and Forestry Manager where he successfully achieved big results for the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan and the Rainforest Alliance Certification Program for the company and over 3,000 smallholder tea farmers. With more than 10 years of work experience across various sectors like agriculture, mining, construction, hospitality, ICT, and humanitarian coupled with board membership – Godfrey has an extensive understanding of sustainability challenges facing today’s world and has leadership ability to provide workable solutions to address multitude of our sustainability issues around planet, people, and prosperity. Godfrey is an active Certified Chartered Member of the Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM) of London, England.


ESG & Sustainability Specialist

Kristina Touzenis


Kristina has 20 years' experience in strategic implementation of international standards and law worldwide. During those 20 years, she has continuously created, designed, and carried out trainings and capacity building programmes both for governments, academia, NGOs and the media. Kristina has trained over 5000 people during those two decades and has been evaluated on method and reported on longer term results in, for example, policy change and programmatic operational impact. She has a demonstrated experience creating and promoting rights-based approaches to programming, advocacy, policy making and negotiations. Kristina has a vast capacity on working across sectors and promoting respect for international law in a systematic and cross-cutting manner. She is used to addressing and working with a variety of stakeholders and partners on both advocacy as well as programmatic support and implementation of social sustainability and good governance - as well as on reporting on concrete indicators of progress. Recognized for the ability to communicate international law in concrete, applicable terms, including in relation to the UN SDGs, which help understanding of pragmatic implementation and actual impact on the ground.

Wildlife Program Specialist

Rosalind Searle

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Rosalind graduated from UC Berkeley with a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Earth Science and a focus on conservation biology, environmental change, and human-wildlife interactions. She has previous experience working for a prominent rewilding company, for which she conducted literature reviews on threatened species, connected with outside conservation organizations and project partners, and authored articles on relevant environmental topics and the company’s projects. Rosalind has also worked on a number of research projects, conducting research revolving around endangered keystone species in California, wildlife rewilding and restoration across Australia, sustainable development and construction in wildfire-prone areas, and environmental and marine health in oceans off of the Philippines.

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Climate & Carbon Specialist

Luiza Moreno

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Luiza Moreno is originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She moved to the United States when she was seven years old where her passion for our oceans was ignited. She graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara with a degree in Marine Biology and a minor in Earth Science. Here she specialised in blue carbon and carbon programs with a focus on kelp forests.  During her career, Luiza has worked in ecological research laboratories specialising in marine and coral reef studies. Luiza is a certified Scientific SCUBA Diver and underwater researcher. She is presently the Head of Blue Carbon for World Wildlife Conservancies Group where she applies her depth of knowledge of our oceans to create marine carbon conservation programs, including mangrove and seagrass restoration and re-establishing degraded kelp forests. Luiza also works with the Californian Department of Fish and Wildlife in lab and field positions. 

GIS Spatial Analyst

Katie Van Munster


Katie Van Munster has been working with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for mapping and spatial analysis since 2014. Her work includes GIS analysis for conservation and environmental organizations including The Nature Conservancy and FracTracker Alliance. She


has experience leading teams and directing cross-departmental collaboration and problem-solving. She has a Master of Science degree in Environmental Science from Rochester Institute of Technology, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology from Bennington College.  She is published in several scientific papers.


Finance Advisor

Thomas Pride


After a 35-year career in the commercial banking and investment management industries, Tom retired in 2010. He now assists other like-minded conservationists realize their goals of building socially conscientious businesses and other similar ESG sensitive endeavours which seek to protect this planet’s most threatened ecosystems as well as its most critically endangered wildlife species.

Social Impacts Advisor

Dr. Rick Corbett

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Dr. Rick Corbett holds a Doctorate in Community Missions, Master in Divinity from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and a BS in Music from Dusquene University.  As a professional jazz musician, one of Rick’s true passions is music and how it can impact those around him for good. 

As a long-time community ministry and missions professional, Rick’s goal is to seek to help as many of those in need around the globe as possible.  Assisting with the social impact projects, especially those that help women and children to achieve goals including clean water, nutritious food, safety, shelter and education are the types of projects that spark his innovative spirit.  Rick has an impeccable record for generating social impacts in the communities he works in and he is bringing that experience with him to help those in need in Africa.

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